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Cami Woodruff used to live in New York, but then she came to Knox. She enjoys and excels at drawing cartoons, is active in the theater department, and works at the Computer Center Help Desk, where she works hard to try and look busy every time an admissions tour walks by.

Several years ago she was a contestant in the Miss Illinois USA pageant, but she didn't place because she is pro-burning babies and has a mostly flat chest.

She plans to go into animation and perhaps espionage, but you will only see her name in the credits for the first. She's sneaky. Be careful. Her website can be found at

She is back to living in New York post graduation, and makes a living selling classy shoes. She also works on commercial animation and putting babies on spikes, but both of those are just internships.

Cami is also the co-author (with Ems Ginsburg) of an as-yet-untitled, as-yet-unwritten Harry Potter slash fanfiction epic.

Now that she has graduated, Cami spends most of her time being the worst person who has ever existed.

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