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Chump with a beard. He spawned a bunch of jokes that were repeated ad naseum by everybody with an Internet connection. He can now be seen during the infomercial hours of cable television and in reruns of Walker, Texas Ranger. In a Spring Term 2007 column in The Knox Student, Bill Mayeroff held a contest to see what the renovated Alumni Hall should be named. Andrea Johnston suggested that it should be named in Norris's honor and she won lunch in the Gizmo. The prize remains unclaimed and with Bill Mayeroff's impending graduation and subsequent departure from Galesburg, it looks as though it shall remain that way.

[edit] Spokespersonships

  • a self-censoring DVD player called MaxPlay
  • the Total Gym 1500 exercise machine
  • the Religious Right
  • MIKE HUCKABEE!!!!!111
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