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The computer labs are run by the Computer Center. The four main labs are located in George Davis Hall (Centel Lab), Seymour Hall (Founders Lab), and the Umbeck Science-Mathematics Center, which has two (Stellyes Lab and Caterpillar Lab).

Sherry Nyman is the administrator that oversees the lab.

[edit] Policies

[edit] General

There is no food or drink allowed in the labs except for bottled water. This is easy to evade. Lab assistants usually don't care or don't notice, especially if you walk down the wheelchair ramp, which is officially NOT allowed.

[edit] Sign In Policy

Currently, students are required to sign in each time they visit the lab. Despite numerous objections to this policy due to its inefficiency at tracking attendance and excessive use of paper, Sherry Nyman has decided to maintain the policy. The Lab Assistants by and large do not enforce the sign in policy, which leads to inaccurate data for tracking attendance, which is still better than nothing. One alternative that was suggested in Student Senate is to have the Lab Assistants keep a tally of students that enter the labs, which is similar to how the libraries track attendance. This would still have errors though because part of a LA's job is to clean computers, restock paper, and troubleshoot errors. During the times that they are performing these duties, no data would be taken. A double-set of lasers would very easily count the number of students that go in and out of the labs.

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