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Craig Choma is an alum, faculty member and Technical Director in the Department of Theatre and Dance. He has taught at Knox since 1996. He is married to assistant professor of dance Jennifer Smith. They have really cute children.

He runs the Knox Scene Shoppe which builds the sets for all Mainstage shows.

He's a HUGE Phish fan. As of 2007 he is apparently an even HUGER Umphree's McGee fan. This guy digs him some jam bands.

He is the faculty advisor for the campus chapter of NORML. He might not be aware, but he is probably still listed as the Advisor for the Anti-Philosophy Club.

He's also the shit, but I digress.

[edit] Education

Craig graduated from Knox in 1993, double majoring in Theatre and Philosophy.

In 1996, he received an M.A. in Scenic Design and an M.A. in Lighting Design from Carnegie Mellon University.

[edit] Credits

As Technical Director, Craig has countless Scenic and Lighting design credits at Knox. Some highlights include:

Professionally, Craig works as often as he can in Chicago, having many professional design credits under his belt, including:

[edit] Reference

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