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The crows (Corvus brachyrhynchos, from the Latin for "loud jack-offs capable of flight") are a Hitchcockian reality in Galesburg, making possibly more noise than the trains with their nervous cries, blacking out portions of the sky as hundreds fly overhead, and generally making you apprehensive every time you walk past the courthouse. In the fall, Standish Park is home to thousands of crows, and their guano builds up in tall piles. The crows are known collectively as the Knox Murder.

A speaker with a recording of a bird-of-prey has been installed on the roof of St. Mary's Square (across the street from the [courthouse]), periodically screeching to drive away crows and causing even more noise.

They also die a lot, and sometimes you see them lying around.


 If you do not want your car to be covered in bird poop, do not park under trees.

Birds of Mystery

Do not try to feed them bread at night. They will have none of it.

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