Emily Ioppolo

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She is the cutest.

She is Alyssa Gill's Valentime.

During Rep Term XVI she stage managed The Caucasian Chalk Circle which was directed by Jeff Grace.

When you make her laugh, she sounds the sounds of a beauteous morning. Sometimes she honks.

I love Emily Ioppolo.

In the fall of 2013, she was abroad in London with Oakton Reynolds and the theatre department was in great despair because of their absences. She was also in great despair because she was on a program with people who didn't know who the Queen of England was.

Emily Ioppolo is often referred to as "The Harbach Ghost" because she spends so much time there. Her most prized possession is her giant ring of keys to (practically) every lock in the theatre department. You know if she's around if you can hear the sound of those jingling keys.

Emily is now a member of the Theatre Advisory Board as Technical Director of Studio Theatre.

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