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Eric has been absorbed by Improv Club, so he gets a wikifire now whether he likes it or not. He lost a bet. Also ran for treasurer in the 2018 improv election. Sort of. Yep.

There is an ongoing debate among the freshman if improv over whether Eric is actually Libertarian like he claims.

Eric is also in the Gentlemen of Quality. He is very passionate about this. You should be too.

Notable achievements:

Counted money at 24-hour Improv.

Snorted Old Bay Seasoning thrice (and counting)

Lost a game of pool to some highly-skilled girls three times. Don't make bets you know you'll lose, Eric.

Notable quotes:

"Why are you throwing rocks at my window?"

"What the heck am I supposed to do with this soup?"


"The Cosmic Egg"

"I view showing emotion as weakness but I'm super super attached to people I love especially Matt Cagle and Hannah." (paraphrased)

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