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[edit] Creation

The year of 2017, a Friday like any other. Lydia Allen, Elllie Baird and Alex Gallo were going to see Joel Willison's play when they met him in CFA, in that weird ambiguous space outside Harbach and the Round room. "Do you want to join the other frisbee group?". They asked Joel. "Sure" he replied. They hung out for a bit like the amazing people they were. Alex had a frisbee with him and they were throwing it around with much joy. Until it dropped upside down. and Ellie kicked it across the floor. They all stopped. "that's kinda cool" they whispered in awe. AND THUS FLOORSBEE WAS BORN.

[edit] The rules

Have fun.

You must play in the CFA waiting area outside Harbach theatre, the floor is optimal Floorsbee space.

Play until you are tired from having so much fun or Campus safety kicks you out cause the game is too awesome for their brains to comprehend.

Use the CFA benches as goals. The more people there are then the bigger the field

If something inside you says its a foul then odds are it's a foul

The frisbee needs to go all the way through to be considered a goal

To put the disc back into play the team that just got scored on kicks the frisbee back through the goal. The other team needs to be behind the halfway mark before the new point starts (There is discussion over whether everyone should say "floorsbee" together before the point. it has not been decided. more information to come in the future)

In the event that both feet from opposing teams land on the disc at the same time everyone stops and the two players play rock paper scissors for possession.


If the frisbee flips over (so it is graphic/flat side up) then everyone puts their hands up, stops moving and yells "FLIP!"

The player closest to it flips it over and play continues

There are goalies. just don't be annoying about it.

You can take one step when you are stepping on the frisbee. You CANNOT scoot across the field with the frisbee on your foot. You can, however, dribble it like you would a soccer.

You cannot take the frisbee away from someone if they have their foot on it (we need to figure this one out better cause someone really could just stand there with the frisbee and the entire game would just stop for an indeterminate amount of time) Suggestion: Use a shot clock like in basketball.

Shoes arent required but the game has the potential to hurt your feet a LOT if you arent wearing shoes.

[edit] Scoring System

There is no scoring system and probably won't be for a while. Obviously a point is a point but if you're actually keeping score then you need to get over yourself, Floorsbee is about fun, not winning.

There has been talk of playing 15 minute innings of 5 minutes or 5 innings of 15 minutes but that could very well be hogwash.

[edit] Floorsbee's relatioship with Frisbee

Frisbee players sort of turn their noise up against this sport. they won't admit it. but they think it's weird (or stupid, depending who you ask). and they're frisbee plays so that's saying something. --->But head's up. If they actually ever play the sport odds are they will love it more than you. because floorsbee. is. awesome

[edit] Memorable dates that helped shape Floorsbee

March 14th 2018

Ezra Schley has the amazing Idea of reserving Williston as a place for floorsbee so that we aren't kicked out by campo whenever we play. We'll see if this leads to anything more. Didn't lead to anything. See below.

March 19th & 20th 2018

March 19th. Some time during the day. Lydia Allen, Odessa Sigali and Ellie Baird discovered that the basement of Williston House could work.

March 20th. The Floorsbee Page is officially created. At 10 pm the first Winter Term Floorsbee game was played. It went REALLY well. There are the added obstacles of a TV, Water Fountain, Poles, Extra Couches and Vending Machine. It's fucking awesome. Due to the limited space there is more of a cap on team members (around 5). Half's were agreed at 5 where then everyone would drink water and switch sides. [1]

[edit] FAQ

Will it be fun?

   yeah. just try it.

Will I be good?

   Yeah. It's more impressive if you aren't. Trust me. you'll be good

What frisbee is best to use?

   Honestly we're trying to figure this out as well. Right now the frisbee that is used most is Alex Gallo's.
           ----> you can use others. they just don't work as well for some reason. we're trying to find out what makes a good floorsbee frisbee

When does it happen?

   WHENEVER YOU WANT! this game could de done with at least 2 v 2 and go as big as however much you want. you can start up a game by yourself and friends or there are random floorsbee games whenever. There isn't a set schedule for when we play but there is a facebook page. so just ask around and someone will help you get on the page.

"This sounds like a weird game"

  let me guess. you haven't played. just wait till you play. you'll love it

Just wait guys. this sport is gonna go somewhere.

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