Flunk Day 2017

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[edit] Join in the fun?

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the more contributors we have, the more fun it gets.

[edit] That Flunk Though...

Yall already know what time it is. Let the predictions begin!

[edit] Friday, August 12th

T-Amott confirmed as lizard person in Ant People/ Free Mason Bees Conspiracy This could be HUGGGEEEEEEEEEEE

[edit] Tuesday, November 8th

The World is Ending. FLUNK DAY TOMORROW

[edit] Monday, March 20th

[edit] Tuesday, March 21st

[edit] Wednesday, March 22nd

[edit] Thursday, March 23rd

[edit] Monday, March 27th

[edit] Tuesday, March 28th

[edit] Wednesday, March 29th

[edit] Thursday, March 30th

[edit] Monday, April 3rd

[edit] Tuesday, April 4th

[edit] Wednesday, April 5th

[edit] Thursday, April 6th

[edit] Monday, April 10th

[edit] Tuesday, April 11th

[edit] Wednesday, April 12th

[edit] Thursday, April 13th

[edit] Monday, April 17th

[edit] Tuesday, April 18th

[edit] Wednesday, April 19th

[edit] Thursday, April 20th

[edit] Monday, April 24th

[edit] Tuesday, April 25th

[edit] Wednesday, April 26th

[edit] Thursday, April 27th

[edit] Monday, May 1st

[edit] Tuesday, May 2nd

[edit] Wednesday, May 3rd

[edit] Thursday, May 4th

[edit] Monday, May 8th

[edit] Tuesday, May 9th

It's gonna be the 9th. Jonathan Powers always says Flunk Day will be May 9th, and Jonathan Powers is never wrong.

[edit] Wednesday, May 10th

[edit] Thursday, May 11th

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