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Jaki ( pronounced jacky) is a trio mentor. She is a current improviser and usually has a smile on her face. Its like always there. Absolute ball of sunshine. She's weirdly good at hide-and-go seek even though she always wants to laugh when people come close. Fun fact: her full name is [REDACTED].


Notable Quotes:

"This is Emmett. I am his mother, and I love him, and he is creepy I know."


"Don't tell Josh."

"Sssubmit to Quiiiver."

"You two would just get along like two peas in a pod on the moon."

*cries laughing*

"Have you ever seen me angry, Tricia? Are you sure?"

"I mean, that's a substantial amount of water. If you put it in a pail it would be heavy."

"That's okay, I have (insert random supply here)."

"My eyes won't stay open, Tricia. It hurts to blink."

"If the cat is in the box, and you don't know if it's alive or if it's dead, can you really say it's an atheist?"

(cackling) "I am the Ultimate Mom-Friend!"

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