Jayel Gant

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Jayel is lowkey the most badass person to ever exist. She can commonly be seen looking on fleek af with her perfectly styled hair and assembled outfits, likely due to her working in the Costume Shop. Jayel is an acting boss, starring in shows like Pamela, Neverwhere, etc., and in general just enlightening the entire theatre department with her fantastic sense of humor. Sometimes she can be seen floating about memorizing lines for a play or writing her own plays and stories. Disturbing the beast at work may result in a surprised shriek. Her best friend in the universe is Ren Barkey don't play. Jayel lives for the sesh but also rocks every other part of life because swag. We can only hope to aspire to the levels of awesomeness radiating from Jayel. All who interact with her are a step closer to reaching nirvana. Lowkey though.

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