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Jennifer Smith has been an assistant professor of Dance at Knox College since 1997. She is a caring and dedicated professor. Not only does she imbue her teaching with entertaining witticisms, but she also will bend over backwards to help students with independent research and whatnot.

She and Craig Choma, her husband, have two adorable daughters.


[edit] Education

Jen received her BA from Columbia College in 1995, her MA - also from Columbia College - in 2000 and her MFA in 2007 from University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

[edit] Teaching Interests

Jen works mostly with modern dance, but also works with ballet. Kathleen Ridlon generally teaches the jazz courses at Knox. Jen is also the professor here who teaches the introductory Dance History course, Theory and Improvisation and Dance Composition. It seems like every year, as the department grows, she throws in a new, fun course; those courses have included a community outreach through dance course as well as a somatic movement course.

[edit] Professional Endeavors

Jen's Chicago based professional dance troupe is Back and to the Left Productions.

[edit] Reference

Jen's Bio on the Knox Website

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