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John Perleberg will live in Neal 1 next year.

John Perleberg '10 is from Wichita, Kansas. He attended high school with Paige Barnum. They are both notable members of the Seymour 2 gang. He studies math and physics, with which he does all kinds of interesting things, like define god and calculate the outcome of D&D encounters. He claims to be conservative, but he's not a complete fool, so the Knox community generally tolerates him, despite his propensity towards smoking a pipe and spouting Libertarianisms. He originally had a single in Sherwin-Neifert but it became obvious that Seymour 2 was his true calling, so he and his dual-monitor watercooled monster moved in for the spring of '07. He was a participant in many of Seymour 2's greatest antics, even before living there. His name is commonly prefaced by "Ew." During finals week during Fall term of 2007, he shaved his head on a dare. He thereafter bore a striking resemblance to Lord Voldemort.

Besides resembling Voldemort when bald, anyone lucky enough to have attended Sigma Nu's Star Party during the 2009-2010 school year knows that he can also pull off the villain from the film "The Fifth Element." This also brings up the fact that John was a prominent member of Sigma Nu, and even more prominent on their dance floor.

He is wonderful. Sometimes he is Mr. Wonderful. Other times he is known as The Dancing Queen.

Since leaving Knox, John Perlberg is best known for registering as a Class B Dungeon Master and teaching children at space camp somewhere how to roll D20's properly.

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