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[[Conger-Neal]] is a first year dorm. It was one of the first dorms to have renovated bathrooms, starting in 2018. It is located on [[West St.]] north of the [[Loading Dock]]. The [[Conger-Neal basement]] houses the [[Share Shop]] so people who live there are able to go very easily (lucky them).
[[Conger-Neal]] is pretty much the same as Raub-Sellew, and is located along [[West St.]] north of the [[Loading Dock]]. Most of the occupants are upperclassmen, but usually at least one suite is made over to first-years.  The [[Conger-Neal basement]], reminiscent of the infamous velociraptor scene in Jurassic Park, is the third-scariest on campus, after [[Aux Gym]] and [[GDH]].

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