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Live Action Role-Playing is like role-playing, but people actually dress up and do the role-playing instead of rolling dice or typing.

LARPers are often known to write genre fiction, have a slightly off-kilter sense of style, and often are Theatre majors. You do not have to be a member of LARC (Live-Action Roleplaying Club) to be a LARPer, but it helps.

Mariko Toyoji has suggested that Model UN is a form of LARP called WARP (World Action Role-Playing).

[edit] Making fun of LARPers

For some reason, Knox thinks it's OK to make fun of LARPers. Even some professors take pokes at the community. This phenomenon should be studied. What makes a supposedly kind and accepting community turn into a bunch of jerks when it come to a large group of students role-playing in their own space on their own time?

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