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La Mesa is a bar on West and Main that students are scared of.


[edit] Students who have visited La Mesa (and lived)

[edit] Class of 2004

[edit] Class of 2005

[edit] Class of 2006

[edit] Class of 2007

[edit] Class of 2008

[edit] Class of 2011

[edit] May 12, 2007

Geoff Brown went to La Mesa on Saturday, May 12 and danced with Carolyn, the woman from the Hy-Vee Wine & Spirits. It was reportedly epic. Alan Yi witnessed a bar fight at the video poker machines.

[edit] October 13th, 2011

Gabriel Paz, Priya Sharma, and Abraham Diekhans-Mears went to La Mesa on Wednesday, October 13 after senior meeting at The Corner. Gabriel Paz ordered tequila shots to show the groups toughness. Priya Sharma taught a man to dance. The men at the jukebox ordered the three Knox students drinks. All participants reported the experience to be epic.

[edit] Map

(309) 342-1043 212 W Main St Galesburg, IL <googlemap lat="40.946033" lon="-90.373063" type="map" zoom="16"> 40.947527, -90.374491, 212 W Main St Galesburg, IL </googlemap>

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