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This is a list of current and former members of Student Senate.


[edit] Executive Board

[edit] President

| 2010-2011 || Samantha Claypool |- | 2009-2010 || Heather Kopeck |- | 2008-2009 || Elaine Wilson |- | 2007-2008 || Brad Middleton |- | 2006-2007 || Matt Cessna |- | 2005-2006 || Zack Stephenson |- | 2004-2005 || Abbie Letzer |- | 2003-2004 || Holly Oberle |- | 2002-2003 || Helen Scharber |- | 2001-2002 || Josh Ferchau |- | 2000-2001 || Nick Bunnel |}

[edit] Vice-President

Bryan Lund is the Vice-President for the 2008-2009 academic year. Past Presidents:

2007-2008 Erica Jaffe
2006-2007 Patrick Herlihey
2005-2006 Hassan Massoud
2004-2005 B.J. Hollars
2003-2004 Hassan Massoud
2002-2003 Nan Curry
2001-2002 Nathan Meyers

[edit] Treasurer

Heather Kopec is the Treasurer for the 2008-2009 academic year.

2007-2008 Brian Normile (fall/winter), Alex Argyelan (spring)
2006-2007 Peter Westphaelen
2005-2006 Megan Gamble
2004-2005 Ben Maddox
2003-2004 Abbie Letzer
2002-2003 Tom Bazan
2001-2002 Hillary Meyers

[edit] Communications Officer

Angelo Kozonis is the Communications Officer for the 2008-2009 academic year.

2007-2008 Elaine Wilson
2006-2007 Elaine Wilson
2005-2006 Jamie Bellian and Patrick Herlihey
2004-2005 Emily Fenwick
2003-2004 Dan Lieberman
2002-2003 Holly Oberle
2001-2002 Jensey Wight

[edit] Dining Services Chair (member of Executive Board since 2006)

2008-2009 Zack Lazar
2007-2008 Bryan Lund
2006-2007 Bryan Lund
2005-2006 Eric Langston
2004-2005 Jamieson Hermes

[edit] Residential Quality of Life Chair (member of Executive Board since 2006)

2008-2009 Michael Leon
2007-2008 Mo Harris
2006-2007 Brian King
2005-2006 Miles Eberle
2004-2005 Eric Langston

[edit] Safety and Services Chair (member of Executive Board since 2006)

2008-2009 Trevor Sorenson
2007-2008 Kelli Refer
2006-2007 Brad Middleton
2005-2006 Brad Middleton
2004-2005 Eric Langston

[edit] Technology Chair (created 2005, member of Executive Board since 2006)

2008-2009 Brady Myers
2007-2008 Michael Leon
2006-2007 Andrew James Ross
2005-2006 Andrew James Ross

[edit] Records Chair (created Spring 2008)

2008-2009 Samantha Claypool

[edit] District Senators

[edit] Current (2007-2008)

District I: Seymour Hall Ben Reeves, Brian Cohen
District II: Post 1-6 Katie Johnson, Rachel Cullen, Sam Claypool
District III: First Years Living in Campbell-Elder, Sherwin-Neifert, Furrow, Raub-Sellew Ailyn Tran, Ben Robbins, Avram Segaloff, Ben Keathley, Sarah Juist, Samier Habarneh
District IV: Upperclassmen in Campbell-Elder, Sherwin-Neifert, Furrow, First Year RA's Joyce Omondi, Abby Pardick, Mike Wipper, Emily Putnam
District V: Conger-Neal Carrie Bueche, Trevor Sorenson
District VI: Simmonds, Longden, Drew, Griffith Heather Kopec (Off Campus Fall Term), Kelsey Kreiling, Darko Simunovic, Hayle Gosnell (Fall Term Replacement)
District VII: Small Houses, Sigma Nu, Sigma Chi, Ecohouse, Casa Latina Alex Enyart, Graham Troyer-Joy (Off Campus Fall Term), Angie Martin, Meredith Lirman (Fall Term Replacement)
District VIII: Post 7-10 Kate Tanquary, Kevin Malone (Off Campus Fall Term)
District IX: TKE, Beta, Peterson House Patrick Herlihey, Zack Lazar
District X: Williston Hall Ginny Graves, Mike McKearn, Megan Nakra, Dan Pers
District XI: Townhouses James Clark, Danielle Goebel
District XII: FIJI, Jazz House, ABLE House, 270 W. Tompkins, Quickie House Matt Cessna, Mike Dooley
District XIII: Tompkins, Exec Sam Jarvis, Mike Giese, Beth Beadle, Tippy Tipson
District XIV: Hamblin Leah Heister, Andrew Kama, Nirupa Kartha, Andrew Briggs
District XV: Off-campus Housing Amanda Look (Off-Campus Fall Term), Muhibo Sharif-Sidi (Off-Campus Fall Term), Karen Russell, Charles Rohrbaugh, Salleha Chaudhry, Caroline Allen, Alex Argeylan, Becca Ganster (Fall Term Replacement]]

[edit] Former

[edit] 2006-2007

It dates from Fall 2006. It is unclear which district contains Exec.

District I: Seymour Hall Pier Debes, Austin Mobley, David Gilmer, Alex Chandler-Minner
District II: Townhouses, Phi Gamma Delta Michael Sales, Nate Carney, Beth Beadle
District III: Williston, Beta Theta Pi Erica Jaffe, Maureen McDonnell, Tippy Tipson, Tom Griffin
District IV: Campbell-Elder McKinley Murphy
District V: Conger-Neal Maurice Harris, Sam Jarvis, Devan Cameron, Carrie Bueche
District VI: Sherwin-Neifert David Fingerman, Charles Rohrbaugh
District VII: Drew, Griffith, Longden, Simmonds, Furrow Brian Camozzi, Kevin Malone, Amanda Look, Kelli Refer, Shomari Smith
District VIII: Hamblin, TKE Alex Argeylan, Brian Normile, Mike Marshall, Warren Wilke
District IX: Theme houses, Sigma Chi, Sigma Nu Matt Allis, Eric Langston, Donovan Griffith, Nishanth Dittikavi, Andrew Kama
District X: Off-campus Caroline Allen, Katya Manak, Mary Batterman, Clark Smith
District XI: Displaced First-Years Zack Lazar, Colin Higgins
District XII: Raub-Sellew Danielle Goebel, Kate Tanquary
District XIII: Post 1-6 Megan Nakra, Heather Kopec, Kelsey Kreiling, Amy Labudde
District XIV: Post 7-10 Kenji Mori, Michael Leon, Marc Dreyfuss
District XV: Tompkins Akshay Gavai, Sahil Kalghatgi

[edit] Committee Assignments

[edit] Current (2007-2008)

[edit] Standing Committees
Dining Services Committee Bryan Lund (Chair), Matt Cessna, Mike Dooley, Becca Ganster, Danielle Goebel, Samier Habarneh, Katie Johnston, Meredith Lirman, Emily Putnam, Mike Wipper
Finance Committee Brian Normile (Chair), Alex Argyelan, Salleha Chaudhry, Ginny Graves, Patrick Herlihey, Kelsey Kreling, Zack Lazar, Karen Russell, Darko Simunovic
Residential Quality of Life Committee Mo Harris (Chair), Caroline Allen, Brian Cohen, Rachel Cullen, Hayle Gosnell, Sam Jarvis, Andrew Kama, Nirupa Kartha, Ben Keathely, Megan Nakra, Joyce Omundi
Safety and Services Committee Kelli Refer (Chair), Beth Beadle, Carrie Bueche, Alex Enyart, Mike Giese, Angie Martin, Mike McKearn, Dan Pers, Ben Robbins, Trevor Sorenson, Kate Tanquary
Technology Committee Michael Leon (Chair), Andrew Briggs, James Clark, Sarah Juist, Abby Pardick, Ben Reeves, Charles Rohrbaugh, Avi Segaloff, Ailyn Tran
Communications Committee Elaine Wilson (Chair), Sam Claypool, Leah Heister, Tippy Tipson
[edit] Faculty Committees

Not yet appointed

[edit] Former

[edit] 2006-2007

[edit] Standing Committees
Finance Committee Peter Westphaelen (Chair), Alex Argyelan, Mary Batterman, Nick Buchman, Pier Debes, Erica Jaffe, Mike Marshall, Mike Sales, Heather Kopec, Brian Normile, Beth Beadle
Safety and Services Committee Brad Middleton (Chair), Brian Camozzi, Kelli Refer, Maurice Harris, Donovan Griffith, Kevin Malone, Sam Jarvis, Dave Smith, Beth Beadle, Kate Tanquary
Residential Quality of Life Committee Brian King (Chair), Clark Smith, David Gilmer, Charles Rohrbaugh, Nish Dittakavi, Caroline Allen, Zack Lazar, Amanda Look, Maureen McDonnell, Katya Manak, Eli Berman, Carrie Bueche, Eric Langston
Dining Services Committee Bryan Lund (Chair), Megan Nakra, Heather Kopec, Danielle Goebel, Marc Dryefuss
Technology Committee A.J. Ross (Chair), Michael Leon, Andrew Kama, Brian Normile, Tom Griffin, Kevin Wickman, Austin Mobley
[edit] Faculty Committees
Executive Committee to the Faculty Alex Argylen, Maureen McDonnell
Board of Trustees Donovan Griffith, Amanda Look
Curriculum Committee Maurice Harris, Caroline Allen
Admissions, Retention, and Placement Danielle Goebel and Kenji Mori
Athletics Nate Carney, Dave Smith
Campus Diversity Dave Fingerman, Shomari Smith
Campus Environment Erica Jaffe, Heather Kopec
Financial Development and Budget Eric Langston
Instructional Support Andrew Kama, Kevin Wickman
Learning Support Amy LaBudde, Adam Vera
Board of Publications Tippy Tipson, Matt Allis, Brian King
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