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So you think you've never met Mari Hockett. But really, you probably have. She's quiet, easy for people absorbed in their own college lives to overlook. But she's present. You might hear her singing to herself or see her smiling kindly at a Caf worker. Or you might see her singing in the KCC or drawing amazing anime characters or sitting and listening in a creative writing class. But you've probably met her other places, too.

You know that feeling of elation when you just helped someone? What you're really feeling is a connection with the soul of Mari Hockett.

You know that voice in your head telling you everything will be alright? That voice is Mari Hockett, using her comforting superpowers to send out waves of calm to every worrying person.

She does Helga Hufflepuff, her sister, her mother, and her entire kind family proud.


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