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Matt Cagle was birthed from Improv Chairs many years ago. Since then, he has been on a quest to find his parents, finally reuniting them for the first time at improv club. His journey drained his life essence, and in order to recharge he must stack his parents (the chairs) on top of each other, stand on them, and Praise the Sun. The more the members of the club complain about his safety, the more power he absorbs. The club members have since figured out that this ritual is how he survives in the frigid Knox environment, so they complain all the more to maintain his life force.

In his quest to find his parents, Matt became adept at communicating through radio waves. At Knox he has a radio show, titled the Big Picture. He's got all kinds of cool guests and stuff on it. It's really neat. Check it out at

He also helps others learn to journey though his D&D campaigns.

Notable Quotes:

[holding a physical rock] "Rock on!"

"You're going to do great things"

"Just who the hell do you think I am?!"

"Trust the chairs and the chairs will trust you"

"They are my pArENTs"


"One Piece"

"The Cosmic Egg"

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