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Where Jazz Night used to be. Overpriced beer. But it's a bar. What can you do. If you try to go there with an "under 21 until ___" IL driver's license, they will tell you they can't take it no matter how old you actually are.

McGillacuddy's is also a restaurant. The kitchen closes at 10 and the food isn't the best but the burgers aren't bad. The nachos are terrible but it's a fair price for the area and quality of food. McGillacuddy's also has a pool room (two tables) attached for a pretty cheap price: .75 cents to play a round. They also just opened up an ajoining martini bar called Olyve. The martini bar is pretty expensive averaging $8 a drink, but they aren't bad, though they close pretty early for a bar. Silk Panties and Peppermint Patty are early favorites at Olyve, but they also have classics like Rob Roys.

In 2015, McGillacuddy's changed into "The Burg's Bar and Grill," objectively the stupidest name in the world. Shortly after the Cherry Street Combo moved Jazz Night to Fat Fish the building mysteriously burned down.

[edit] Map

(309) 341-4699, 58 S Cherry St Galesburg, IL <googlemap lat="40.946187" lon="-90.370789" type="map" zoom="17"> 40.946856, -90.369652, 58 S Cherry St Galesburg, IL </googlemap>

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