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If you are from Missouri, you are a Midwesterner, not a Southerner. So there.

Even though the state has an honorary star on the Confederate flag.


[edit] Controversy

Many Knox students, particularly those from northern states, disagree with the above statement. They note that Missouri was a slave state and that the Missouri Legislature voted to secede during the Civil War. Also, many people in Missouri pronounce the name of the state Missoura. If that isn't a southern thing, I don't know what is.

[edit] Missoura vs. Missouri

There are two different parts to the state of Missouri, and they can be easily divided by how the people pronounce the name of the state.

[edit] Missouri

You are from St. Louis and its closely neighboring areas.

[edit] Missoura

You are either from somewhere that is not St. Louis or you are from St. Louis and are campaigning for a state-level position somewhere that is not St. Louis.

National politicians often give talks in St. Louis where they pronounce the state Missoura. There must be a U.S. politics guidebook that says to always pronounce it that way, but they sound like idiots to the St. Louisans they are addressing.

[edit] Students from Missouri

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