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Neil is British and therefore wonderful [but a real casual racist]. However, he just became an American citizen. Neil sends out a lot of soccer e-mails. He also wears delightful socks.

He directed the Main Stage show, Rosa and Blanca, in Winter 2008, which he translated from German. (Actually, the playwright Rebekka Kricheldorf probably helped.)He Does NOT like peanut butter twix. Neil is adorable. He has several nicknames, including Neil Brohammer and Neil Swagladder. During Rep Term XVI Neil taught the Seminar Course. There was a lot of stammering. What a babe. Try to get him to say 'schedule' or 'aluminium' when you can.

[edit] Quotes by Neil Blackadder

"Put that on Tumblr. I'm not quite sure what tumblr is, actually."

"That particular beast." (Neil-ism for 'dick')

"Aw, Jesus. Excuse my french."

"John Bird can you close the door? Given the tooteling..."

"He kinda gets shot, or, he gets rather killed."

"You guys don't think about the french revolution, do you?"

"I don't know why I made him sound Jewish! Action smaction!"

"I'm grading you on curiosity and you're all failing!"

"There's a lot of in-and-out around here today... it's like Piccadilly Circus!"

"High school acting is, in fact, rather Brechtian"

"Americans tend to be late to things. Like wars."

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