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Galesburg's Papa John's Pizza is extremely close to the Knox Campus, so those of you who are used to Delivery Service, get off your ass and just go there. It is barely five minutes away from Campus. The short walk would be good for you. Papa John's has appetizing pizza and their cheese sticks are yum. Plus, if you are polite or just order a lot, they would slip in a coupon or give on of those sauce packet thing-ys per request.

CLOSED! shut down by the company

[edit] Location and contact

  • 120 E Main St
    Galesburg, IL 61401
  • (309) 344-7000

<googlemap lat="40.946001" lon="-90.370595" type="map" zoom="16"> 40.94748, -90.368856, Papa John's Pizza (309)344-7000 </googlemap>

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