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The daily newspaper of Galesburg, IL.<ref>The Register-Mail the daily newspaper of Galesburg, IL.</ref> Tom Martin, the paper's editor-in-chief, teaches a class at Knox every year, and publishes the best of his students' work in the Register-Mail so they can use the articles for clips when they're trying to find jobs or internships.


[edit] Buyout

The Register-Mail, formerly owned by Copley, was purchased by GateHouse Media, Inc., the company that owns The Paper and the Peoria Journal-Star, April 11, 2007. This is a strong blow to Galesburg free media, as GateHouse has a strong history of gutting paper staffs and overworking their printing presses. It also removes what competition there might have been between The Paper and the Register-Mail.

[edit] Publisher steps down

Don Cooper has stepped down as publisher of The Register-Mail, reportedly surprising staff with the announcement.

[edit] New Web site

They have a snazzy new Web site, but for some reason they moved to was a great domain name. I mean, who uses hyphens in a URL? That was awesome.

The new Web site is easier on the eyes, and they are going to focus more on multimedia, especially video.

[edit] Archive

The new site seems to have lost the online archive that they had going. This will make citations on The Wiki Fire difficult until they get it back up.

[edit] References


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