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Rob Kamerer went to Knox from 2002-2006. During his time there, he was known for two things: His awesome hair and being the librarian at WVKC.

[edit] "Chops Rob"

Rob was one of the minor campus celebrities, going under the name of "Chops" Rob. This look consisted of shoulder length curly hair that could be described as a half-fro and four-inch long red sideburns. Rob had to write an article for BLADU to defend his honor from an unscrupulous Matt Holland. Sadly, this look was shaved in early 2005.

[edit] WVKC

Rob joined WVKC, the Knox radio station his freshman year, spending two terms doing generic eclectic rock shows and a career length group show with Rob Tunstall, Golden Wade Powell, and Ben Strauss. In Spring of 2003, he found his niche as the host of Kill Ugly Radio, a Frank Zappa tribute show, which he continued until 2006. In late 2004, Rob received the offer to join the staff of WVKC, as the librarian. As such he revamped the music library and created a database of WVKC's music.

[edit] After Knox

Rob is currently homeless, grasping to the memories of his former glory.

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