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Seymour Defender!

The Seymour Defender is a robot that defends the residents of Seymour 2 in Seymour Hall. Contrary to popular belief, he is not named after Seymour Hall, but instead after Lyman K. Seymour, the alumnus for which Seymour Union is also named.


[edit] History

Seymour Defender was constructed in the winter term of the 2006-07 school year by the residents of Seymour 2. His original design was to function as a defense robot for all of Seymour Hall. However, halfway through his construction, he was kidnapped and held hostage by residents of Seymour 3. Fortunately, he was rescued by a squad of Seymour 2 elite, who went on a extraction mission to rescue the robot, not yet complete enough to defend himself. As punishment for their thievery, Seymour Defender, when activated, serves only to defend Seymour 2. However, because of the frequency at which he is set to "Drink" and "Party" (see below), Seymour rarely 'defends', and thus is actually quite vulnerable to attack, hence spending much of his time in residents' rooms, being drunk and robotic.

[edit] Jobs

Seymour Defender has four settings. They are Defend, Drink, Study and Party. He spends most of his time on 'Drink' and 'Party', much like people who live in Seymour.

[edit] Death

Seymour Defender died 25 May 2007.

He was mourned and sent off to Valhalla by his close friends and father. In this funeral, he was placed lovingly upon his shields and lit afire, pushed out into Lake Story to allow his soul to join those of the Valkyrie.

[edit] Photos of Seymour Defender

[edit] You can be friends with Seymour!

Seymour Defender's facebook profile

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