St. Mary's Square

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[edit] What St. Mary's Square Is Not

St. Mary's Square is popularly believed to be an insane asylum.

The deafening recording of bird noises which, in autumn, echoes from atop the brick structure does nothing to abate this myth.

St. Mary's Square is also not a hospital, though that, too, has been the assumption of many a flunk day frolicker in search of a tune-up.

[edit] What St. Mary's Square Is

St. Mary's Square is a residential facility for people living with developmental disabilities and the medically unstable elderly.

[edit] How Does This Affect Me?

Oftentimes, buses going to or departing from St. Mary's Square will hold up a Knox student on a walk down Cherry Street.

Should this happen to you, or should you find yourself gazing into the windows of St. Mary's Square, smile and wave at the residents. They love it and will wave back with unmatched enthusiasm.

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