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T.C.K stands for Third Culture Kid (the Kid part really doesn't apply but thats the term so oh well). These people are the bomb. So a T.C.K. is someone who was born somewhere and then raised somewhere else, usually overseas. An example is someone being born in America but then growing up in London or Ghana. They don't fit in their home culture cause their seen as "different" and they dont fit in their host country cause they're seen as an expat. These peeps create a "third culture" because they have to. Now these peeps are amazing. When growing up they usually had a rotating group of friends so if you encounter a T.C.K then don't be surprised if it takes a while to see the REAL them. T.C.K's had friends usually from embassies or large corporations and thus the friends would basically leave every two years like clockwork.

Some T.C.K. characteristics: Being either REALLY good at goodbyes or REALLY bad at goodbyes. They've done it a LOT They know their way around traveling. they've had to travel a LOT and thus. Have personal favorite airports. It's weird, but ask but they have a personal favorite, mines Heathrow. and know their way around airports. They know the secrets. Usually don't take bullshit. Because their friends left basically every two years they really want to get to know people really well and dont really want all that small talk BS. Either really extroverted or really introverted. as discussed in the previous point. they had to find some way to cope. they may have a mix of both. everyones different. They've got their whole life story memorized for when you inevitably ask them " so where's home" They've got whack ass stories. sit down as talk to them, they'll probably share the stories they love. They probably have no idea about some American stuff. I know it took me a while to get used to the whole other side of the road thing. --Goose (talk) 13:10, 19 December 2016 (PST) again, T.C.K.'s are the bomb, they're some of the most down to earth and fun people to meet. They probably are the people around Knox that arent even sure if they should have been in international orientation or count as an international student.

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