Timothy Lovett

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is a big ol' turd who lives in the toilet.

Timothy's favorite past times include bein' in the toilet, smelling like a turd, shitting on everyone, and working out. Nobody forced Tim to be a turd, but he refuses any other life. Tim has been given every opportunity to NOT be a turd, and has refused each with burning indignation.

He also was the founding father of Gamma Ramma Ding Dong despite his shady roots.

Also, during spring break in the year of our Timothy 2008, Timothy broke his back snowboarding and consequently did not attend Spring Semester. He is deeply missed, and many consider his injury to be selfish because it deprives many people of a good time.

Most frequently referred to as "that dickhead who edits his own WikiFire page in fits of vanity to make up for getting himself broken in half by snow."

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