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"Towny" is a slang term used for people who are residents of a particular town. Generally the term possesses a negative connotation that suggests these people are "deadbeats," ignorant, and/or incapable of moving away from the town<ref>Definition of "Towny" according to Urban Dictionary</ref>. Furthermore, the term often implies that these individuals are unemployed, and resort to causing trouble with their free time. Some Knox students of Galesburg origin are also called townies.

In Galesburg, some townies harass Knox students. South Street is a notorious spot for townies to drive by and yell obscenities and sexual remarks at pedestrians (primarily the female ones).

Students get a taste of life as a Galesburg resident when they visit the The Broadview, although this is a narrow minded view. Most Knox students do not see the better side of life in Galesburg because Knox is located in the worst area of Galesburg. Some AnSo students recieve assignments requiring them to participate and observe in some setting and many elect to conduct this fieldwork within the Galesburg community. Observation takes place in settings including the Broadview, Romantix, and Cornucopia.

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