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A train goes by every 8 minutes, in Galesburg. Thanks to some new shipping law, they will soon go by every 6 minutes. They sing to one another at night, low cries like whale songs. They grow on you. After a while you don't even notice them, and then you miss them when you go home for breaks. When you call your parents outside they will ask you "Hey, is that a train?" and it will take you a moment to notice it.

There are two types of trains: freight and passenger. Freight trains are by far the more frequent, and are generally operated either by Union Pacific or Burlington Northern Santa Fe. Passenger trains are operated by Amtrak, and include the California Zephyr, the Southwest Chief, the Illinois Zephyr, and the Carl Sandburg.

[edit] Looming Death

About .3% of materials that are shipped on trains through Galesburg contain extremely hazardous materials that could produce fatal clouds in the case of a rupture during a derailment.<ref>Invisible threat passing through - from the Register-Mail</ref> Most of these hazardous materials are mostly chlorine or anhydrous ammonia.

But it's not likely that this will happen, so don't worry ...

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