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Tricia Duke is a writer, psychology major, and an all around genius. She's graduating a year early.

Tricia has a dairy allergy. Don't feed her dairy. That includes cheese, but orange juice is OK. Many people don't know orange juice doesn't have milk in it. It doesn't. I've seen her drink orange juice. She lived. If you have a goat, she can have goat milk. She thinks that if she crosses the border into Wisconsin she'll immediately die. She's probably right.

Tricia, or Tricdog, is also an improviser. She's currently PR and made an AWESOME club board. Make sure to stop by to take popsicle stick rehearsal quotes!

Tricia is also in Quiver. She kicks butt as Author Relations.

Tricia was the impromptu President of Live Lit. She's not now. She needs rest.

She sings too. Dang she has a long resume!

Tricia fought a valiant battle Fall term 2017 in order to be able to eat safely in the Caf. She won. She'll now have a commuter plan to be able to make her own meals, but she is always pleased to accompany anyone to get food despite risking having a reaction. She's awesome like that. She deserves a medal.


"That's not [a drawing of] toilet paper! That's a diagram of the human soul!"

"Show title!"

"Dyer! [Insert thing that Dyer needs to be reminded of here]."

"Why doesn't anyone like Emmett?!"

"Can we go to McDonalds?"

"Mwahhhhhhh" [The Warner Bros Theme Song when receiving a compliment]

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