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One of the theme housing houses on campus. Also known as The Quickie House, the Purple Cat, House of Cards, and SMASH House.

It consists of two singles, four doubles, three bathrooms, a kitchen and a common area. Most of the rooms in this house are either oddly L shaped or have ridiculously large closets. The house also has air conditioning, which is nice in the Fall and Spring. However, it is not possible for the whole house to be a comfortable temperature at the same time, because of the scientific principle of heat rising.

The "Quickie" House?

The Quickie House is next to the Quickie. It was known as the Quickie House for the 2007-08 school year. In the 2008-09 school year it was renamed the Purple Cat, a name that makes no sense, and the name 'Quickie House' stuck going into the future. No one listens to that name and for good reason.

The name "Quickie House" sparked debate last year about the nature of its inhabitants, but behind the suggestive name was a group who enjoyed playing cards and watching the craziness in the Quickie parking lot through their dining room windows. Its members were mostly female, except for Mike Yu and Marc Dreyfuss, who lived on the first floor in the smallest double room on campus.