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ATP was the local colony that became Alpha Sigma Alpha. It was founded on April 6, 2007 and its basic tenets were commitments to academics, service, and personal strength. ATP was represented by the colors burgundy, navy blue, and gold.

At Greek Week No-Talent Show 2007, ATP performed a lip-sync of the Moldavian pop song "Dragostea Din Tei," commonly known as "the Numa Numa song."

During the celebration of Old Main's 150th birthday during homecoming in 2007, ATP won the birthday cake contest with a cake set on an edible replica of the Knox grounds.

In March of 2009, ATP passed their faculty vote, and began pursuing affiliation with a national sorority. In November, 2009, ATP chose to nationalize with Alpha Sigma Alpha[1] and participated in Formal Recruitment in the Winter of 2010. They also did a crap ton of informal recruiting.


Elections for the 2009-2010 Executive board were held March 29, 2009. Academic Chair and Historian were collapsed into Secretary. Duties of Social Chair became the Vice President's responsibility. The new Executive board is: <properties> President=Paige Barnum Vice-President and Panhel Representative=Erin Souza Secretary=Brigette Todt, Katie Johnston Treasurer=Laura O'Neal Membership Chair=Sarah Colangelo Philanthropy Chair=Sara Belger </properties>

ATP held elections for a new Executive board on April 13, 2008. The 2008-2009 Executive board is as follows:

<properties> President=Liz Soehngen Vice-President=Paige Barnum Secretary=Paige Barnum Treasurer=Megan Brady Panhel Representative and Social Chair=Jenna Henning Membership Chair=Sarah Colangelo Philanthropy Chair=Anjali Pattanayak Academic Chair=Erin Souza Historian=Brigette Todt </properties>

The following women served on ATP's 2007-2008 Executive board:

<properties> President=Natalie Haberkamp Vice-President=Hannah Rapp Secretary=Devyn Mares Treasurers=Anjali Pattanayak and Melissa Doyle Panhel Representative and Social Chair=Liz Soehngen Membership Chair=Perry Shaffer Philanthropy Chair=Paige Barnum Scholarship Chair=Jenna Henning </properties>

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