Alex Enyart

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Alex was the president of Knox Democrats from 2006-2007. He is the Campus Progress Representative for Knox College and is coordinator of Knox Students for Barack Obama and. He is a Sigma Nu. He is from Belleville, Illinois, some weird town located in Southern Illinois, across the river from Tom Fucoloro's city of Saint Louis. When not listening to Wilco in his room, Alex can be found riding his bike around, wrecking havoc on the Sigma Nu house, or preparing for an outbreak of the zombie virus. He is a professional & trained barista, elevator operator, canine fitness trainer, feed store manager, ninja, zombie exterminator, film critic, show security guard, mosh/skank pit supervisor, lifeguard, Eagle Scout, Boy Scout Counselor/Area Director, race car driver, landscape architect, and professional bodyguard. He grows best in full sunlight with plenty of water, lots of love, and organic fertilizer. Alex Enyart also tends to sleepwalk.

Alex Enyart interned in Washington DC for Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois during the summer of 2007.