Conger 2

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Conger 2 has been called "the dirtiest suite on campus" and "the place where you can spit and dump your beer on the carpet and no one will care."


Despite the reputation, 2006-07 residents sure know how to have a good time and be pretty ridiculous. They are also partially responsible for Flunk Day 2007's mud pit. They are all on probation for their cinco de mayo/birthday party/streaking until fall term 07. Residents: Andrew Raridon


The Conger 2 of '05-'06 also upheld the reputation of being a dirty suite. The suite had a cozy feel thanks to painted wooden plaques, anti-drug propaganda and your grandma's green couch, yet always smelled of whiskey, cigarettes, sushi and the vomit crusted on the green couch. That green couch now belongs to Linda Kelahan. She has no idea what that couch has been through. They had a few good parties like Anything But Clothes and the Goth Party.