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==April 17, 2019 (Wed)==
==April 17, 2019 (Wed)==
First Flunk Day scare. Flunk season is upon us.
==April 18, 2019 (Thu)==
==April 18, 2019 (Thu)==

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The hype, the hope, and the hurt, the facts and the phallices; when will you grab your 6 foot bong? When should you buy your PBR? Have you spotted Teresa Amott without her human skin? Tell us about the unicorn that galloped through the quad. Pick your outfit, fill your bottles with rum, grab a shovel and dig dig d i g

Join us. Hear the friars. Join us with pots and pans and heart and hype.

Join us.

(don't forget to hydrate.)

Join in the fun?

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the more contributors we have, the more fun it gets.

March 20, 2019 (Wed)

March 21, 2019 (Thu)

March 22, 2019 (Fri)

March 25, 2019 (Mon)

March 26, 2019 (Tue)

March 27, 2019 (Wed)

8:27pm: Andrew Salemi and Bob Lalky spotted playing ping pong together, taking fiercesome glances at each other and murmuring an unknown language in-between games. THIS IS THE BEGINNING

March 28, 2019 (Thu)

Bob Lalky gone for the weekend. Didn’t even take his long time girlfriend. Is he on a super secret flunk day mission?

March 29, 2019 (Fri)

This is admitted students day. Definitely not Flunk Day.

April 1, 2019 (Mon)

An April Fools Flunk? Has to be this day.

April 2, 2019 (Tue)


April 3, 2019 (Wed)

April 4, 2019 (Thu)

April 5, 2019 (Fri)

April 8, 2019 (Mon)

April 9, 2019 (Tue)

April 10, 2019 (Wed)

April 11, 2019 (Thu)

Laura Lane spotted choir members drinking beer during their break in rehearsal. Do they know something we don't? Early Flunk Omen?

April 12, 2019 (Fri)

Flunk info email sent out! Tis now officially the season!

Deb Southern, patron saint of Flunk and alcohol poisoning

April 15, 2019 (Mon)

Theresa Amott allegedly seen cleaning her human skin in bathroom of old main. This is a well known pre-flunk ritual, can anyone confirm?

April 16, 2019 (Tue)

Field trip to St. Louis CANCELLED! Early Flunk day perhaps? Almost There Fair today -- no flunk today

Where's the flunk T-shirt email, Bob? WHERE IS IT?

Andrew salami said he is taking a personal day today to catch up on some things. Finalizing flunk plans for tomorrow???

April 17, 2019 (Wed)

First Flunk Day scare. Flunk season is upon us.

April 18, 2019 (Thu)

April 19, 2019 (Fri)

Admitted Students Day 2: Electric Boogaloo.

April 22, 2019 (Mon)

Home baseball game. Not flunk day

April 23, 2019 (Tue)

Away track meet. not flunk day<- track meet cancelled. Does athletics know soemthing we don’t?

April 24, 2019 (Wed)

Home softball games today. Not flunk day

April 25, 2019 (Thu)

Away track meet, flunk day denied

April 26, 2019 (Fri)

Away tennis matches, flunk day denied :/ <--- bold of you to assume sporting events hinder the flunk in any way <--- upon further review, it turns out sporting events do indeed hold some sway over flunk. my bad.

  • Golf has missed flunk in the past* Shit happens

April 29, 2019 (Mon)

April 30, 2019 (Tue)

First April flunk in a while, just ask our dear Bob <---- seconded, no sporting events on the calendar. <--- because of some snaffu with sports last year there won't be any sporting events this year


Statistically speaking, Tuesday Flunks are the most popular!!

May 1, 2019 (Wed)

Psyc 282 syllabus has Flunk Day buffer today. Do Hoffmann, Hertel and Kasser know something we don't?

Flunk Day has been around the first week of May for the past three years -- but never on a Wednesday. Could this be our big humpday flunk?

^^^actually, last year (May 2nd) was on a Wednesday. Good try though...

Baseball away at Robert Morris Peoria game---baseball got screwed over this game last year, will they do it again??? <-- yes but Peoria is close enough that rescheduling doesn't seem like it would be a major issue, y'feel?

May 2, 2019 (Thu)

Flunk Day 2018

Men's golf MWC championship today <--- flunk has been during golf mwc before... will they do it again?

May 3, 2019 (Fri)

more men's golf MWC championship

May 4, 2019 (Sat)

Flunk Day 2017

May 6, 2019 (Mon)

its ramadan

May 7, 2019 (Tue)

May 8, 2019 (Wed)

Freshamn Martin Garcia believes it is may 8th. Flunk day confirmed <-- freshmen know nothing

Psyc 277 has Flunk Day buffer here, Sara O'Brien guessed correctly last year, 2 for 2 this year?

Track is scheduled to leave this day for st Norbert conference meet. Could they screw over the almsot non existent track team? Very possibly.

May 9, 2019 (Thu)

Jonathan Powers always says Flunk Day will be May 9th, and since Jonathan Powers is always right, obviously Flunk Day will be May 9th.

May 10, 2019 (Fri)

Flunk Day 2016

track MWC championships

Detective Pikachu comes out today, possibly Ryan Reynolds blessing us with a Friday Flunk?

May 13, 2019 (Mon)

May 14, 2019 (Tue)

May 15, 2019 (Wed)

track invitational today

May 16, 2019 (Thu)

PS 237 has this day listed as a Flunk make up day, meaning Flunk Day has to be on or before this date, right? Either that or it’s a Nationalist uprising.

More track invitational today

May 17, 2019 (Fri)

May 20, 2019 (Mon)

May 21, 2019 (Tue)

Monica Berlin's senior portfolio section has their final due the 21st. Sure sign of Flunk, or sure sign of the opposite?

May 22, 2019 (Wed)

May 23, 2019 (Thu)

Flunk day today. Power move. <-- OOF

June 2, 2019 (Sun)

Psych: Convocation canceled, replaced with Flunk Day.