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Hamblin Hall is a residence hall at Knox College. It is one of the buildings referred to as "The Apartments". It includes three floors of apartments, some two/three person and some four/five person. It also has two four-person all-singles apartments.

Before remodel[edit]

Panoramic photo of Hamblin the Spring before rennovation. Photo by Tom Fucoloro

Hamblin was a private apartment building before Knox purchased it (along with Exec and Tompkins) and turned it into upperclass student housing.

Before Hamblin was remodeled in Summer 2007, it consisted of two above-ground levels of apartments with a total occupancy of approximately 75 persons (depending on overloads. Much of the building had nonstandard suite furniture, due to the odd size of some rooms and doorways.


In Summer 2007, Knox began and completed a $5 million renovation to the building and grounds.[1] In addition to cosmetic updates, the remodel added completely new apartments to the unused basement level, boosting the building's capacity to slightly over 100 students. It also added a common area on the second floor (where there had previously been open space overlooking the main stairwell. The building was made handicapped accessible with a wheelchair ramp, an elevator, and a reconfiguration of some apartments. All apartments were fitted with central heating and air conditioning. A sprinkler system, the original impetus for the remodel, was also added to the whole building.

The interior now looks like a hotel.

Hamblin today[edit]

Hamblin is quickly regaining its pre-remodel dilapidation.

In 2016 and 2017, there were multiple incidents of inebirated students destroying Hamblin. It is not the best place to live at anymore, loud and smelly.


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