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The Internet is a proper noun and is always capitalized. You are using the Internet right now.

At Knox[edit]

The Internet is mainly accessed in student rooms or in computer labs, though some students use wi-fi and cell phones.


Many areas of the Knox campus get wi-fi that can only be accessed with Knox Internet credentials. Therefore, only students, faculty and staff can use it. If you have a Windows PC, you will have a much harder time figuring out how to get connected than Mac users.


File sharing servers used to be blocked by Knox Wi-Fi, but are no longer! Download super legal Doctor Who audio dramas to your heart's content! (but only those)

Ted Stevens[edit]

Ted Stevens, United States Senator from Alaska, said the Internet is "not a big truck" but "a series of tubes". <youtube v="f99PcP0aFNE"/>

After he said this, users made remix videos of his stupidity. <youtube v="EtOoQFa5ug8"/>

The Internet is for porn[edit]

It was commonly believed for much of the 90s and parts of the 21st century that the Internet was only for porn. Fairly successful off-Broadway musical "Avenue Q" had a song about it. <youtube v="QtiGd58J0bY"/>

David Wong's "The Great Internet Porn-Off"[1] discusses the realities behind a late 2004 United States Senate debate[2] about the addictiveness of Internet porn.