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the very definition of the average white man. if you see him and talk to him, his first words will always be "oh hey!" or/followed by "submit to quiver!" His eyes hold sorrow, for there is no more reason in the world for straight white men to succeed.

He's currently an RA.

he's alright I guess.

kinda confused by what emotions mean but also a really kind friend

was president of Improv Club last year before washing his hands of exec entirely and apparently rejoicing in the general member status. According to campus life, he holds the official position of "Improv Muse."

Notable Quotes:


  • interesting, sort of relevant fact*
  • interesting, sort of relevant opinion stated as fact*

"But then I jaywalk and Hannah, like *doesn't, ever*. So when we crossed the street, Hannah like grabbed my hand, and when we got to the other side she just wouldn't let go, like she was determined that now that she finally had it she was never letting go. And i mean, (smiling) i didn't mind."

"the 'hisotorian' howard who? HOWARD WHO?"

"I like the attention."

"Cate is patient, and that is good for me. I am writing a book. And why am I writing a book? Because I'm me. F***."

"Don't tell me what?"

"We're not bringing your damn iguana on the trip!"

[Kills puppies in an improv scene] [Smiles at audience] [The ghosts of the dogs walk onstage] "WHAT?!?!"

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