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The Knox Pro-Wrestling Club (KPW) is now defunct student club. The group formed when a few students realized that they could get money from Student Senate to pay for the monthly WWE Pay-per-view shows instead of paying for them out of pocket.


KPW met weekly at the Sigma Nu house to watch WWE Monday Night RAW, and on one Sunday a month to watch that month's pay-per-view event. The Sigma Nu house was chosen because, at the time, Sigma Nu had Direct TV, which was the only means of buying PPV programming on campus. In addition to this, the founding members of KPW were Sigma Nus.


KPW's major event each year was Wrestlemania. This event was usually co-hosted by Union Board, who provided a projector and sound system so that Wrestlmania could be viewed on a giant screen (wall). Refreshments were provided.

Road Trip[edit]

During Fall Term of 2002, KPW members Jake Hebert, Jake Wright, Jon Gripshover, Gemma Truman, Adam Witosky, and Dana Cook travelled to Little Rock, AK to attend WWE No Mercy. The group drove from Galesburg to St. Louis on Saturday night. Then on Sunday, they drove from St. Louis to Little Rock, attended the show, and drove all the way back to Galesburg, arriving just in time for class, which they all promptly skipped.

This trip was particularly notable because it was planned exactly two days in advance when the group discovered there were lots of tickets left for the show. Also, it was made extra memorable by a little Appalachian boy's enthusiastic cries of "hittumordaheadwithachar!"


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Backyard Wrestling[edit]

Contrary to popular belief, KPW did not participate or endorse backyard wrestling. However, drunken KPW members (usually Mike Boyd and Jake Hebert) did occasionally break into inpromtu matches in the bar suite of the old Sigma Nu house during Sigma Nu parties, with Middle Aged Man serving as referee. The matches were usually an embarassment to Sigma Nu and generally freaked people out.

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