Natasha Caudill

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Once upon a time, and by this the narrator means a time far beyond that of the reader,

a scientist, and by this the narrator means a genius who dropped out of high school due to a restrictive school system and built machines out of trash in her garage, made a time machine.

And once upon another time, and by this the narrator means a time still far beyond that of the reader but only slightly far beyond the time of the above time-machine invention,

another scientist invented a love machine, and by this the narrator means a machine that searched all of time and space to find pairings of souls which are meant to be together.

So on yet another time, those two scientists met, and they decided to put their two machines together. They programmed their time machine to find soul mates separated by time and pluck them out of the normal time stream and into a time together. The first match the machine found was between one Natasha Caudill and one Abraham Lincoln. And so it took then twenty-year-old Natasha from Knox College and plopped her into 1800's America, where she changed her name to Mary, met and married Abraham Lincoln.

Don't worry. She only went half as crazy as history makes it sound. And she wouldn't have gone half that crazy if the time machine hadn't swung back around to pluck her son into 14th century Spain to meet a goat herder.

Now you know the real story of Lincoln's deep connection to Knox College. Pass it on.