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During the '80s and '90s, Knox College's chapter of TKE stood out among the fraternities -- and from the national membership of other TKE frats -- as a haven for people who wouldn't traditionally be part of a frat: hippies, free-thinkers, gays, alternative lifestyle types, radicals, cross-dressers, and other disreputables. They tried to pledge a woman in 1993. The Old TKE house was a place where anyone was welcome - regardless of affliation.

Orgy (Hedonism)[edit]

Among TKE traditions at this time was an annual party, originally known as "Orgy". Orgy was an orgy in every sense of that word, and generally lived up to its name.

  • Mayhem ensued, as well as debauchery.
  • A whole, roast pig would be purchased for the occasion, tossed into a corner on a tarp. Partiers were encouraged to tear off what they would with their bare hands.
  • Overindulgence in alcohol was common.

Eventually, when the administration became sick of all this, TKE was forbidden from ever hosting any party named "Orgy". The name was subsequently changed to "Hedonism", with no real change in practice.


After one-too-many alcohol poisonings resulting from an over-enthusiastic 1999 Hedonism party, TKE was formally suspended, and all members of the fraternity were expelled from the TKE House.

Notable "Old TKEs"[edit]

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