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New composition professor in the music department. Specializes in modern and post-modern composition. Is a licensed therapy human for his dog Marlene (which is why Marlene can often be seen roaming about by the music offices and often will make an appearance in class; he can sniff out any crumb of food within a mile radius-except for the French fry under the piano in one of the practice rooms). Enjoys talking one-on-one with students the most. And just enjoys talking. Ligetti is one of his favorite composers. He is also a Joni Mitchell superfan. And by superfan I mean SUPER fan.

Also, with any meeting you schedule with him, he will either be late, or completely forget about it even though you confirmed with him beforehand. Even if he miraculously remembers and isn't running late, Marlene often decides that the perfect time to whine to go to the bathroom outside is during your meeting with him. Always during yours. Always.