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Welcome to The Wiki Fire's Disorientation guide. Use this guide to survive and adapt to your scholastic jungle.

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Bill Clinton spoke at commencement June 2

Bill Clinton speaks at commencement

The former president of the United States talked about the human genome project and the discovery of a planet that has the conditions of supporting life similar to those of Earth's. Clinton left after B.J. Hollars gave his address due to other engagements.

Anti-Philosophy Club

Post-Bunkism assumes that arguments cannot refer to some discrete or objective truth, and thereby cannot obfuscate the truth to a greater or lesser degree. Post-Bunkism basically says, "philosophical discourse is full of bunk, and as such, we're going to play Red Rover as a meaningful philosophical statement."

Seymour Defender

Seymour Defender

Because of the frequency at which he is set to "Drink" and "Party", Seymour rarely 'defends', and thus is actually quite vulnerable to attack, hence spending much of his time in residents' rooms, being drunk and robotic.


Quiver is the title of Knox's collection of online magazines, which currently include The Third Level (science fiction and fantasy), Wynken, Blynken, and Nod (children's literature), and Diminished Capacity (humor). The webzines provide the campus with an outlet for genre fiction, poetry, and art, and each is named after a famous alumni author.

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