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[[Image:Snu_Coatofarms.jpg|thumb|right|200px|The Coat of Arms of Sigma Nu]]
'''Sigma Nu''' is a fraternity that wanted to be famous on campus for standing up for social justice issues, but instead defended and protected three rapists, two of which are still members of the fraternity, one of which was expelled from the roster.
== History in Galesburg ==
The second oldest chapter of a fraternity at Knox College after Beta Theta Pi (1855), Sigma Nu was originally founded as Delta Theta, a local fraternity at nearby Lombard College in 1867.  In 1891, Delta Theta became affiliated with the national fraternity Sigma Nu.  The chapter was allowed to keep Delta Theta as its chapter designation despite it being out of sequence with the other national chapters, one of only two Sigma Nu chapters allowed to do so. When Lombard College closed in 1930 and students transferred to Knox, Delta Theta moved to Knox as well, and has been active at Knox ever since.  Delta Theta has been continuously active since 1867––two years before the founding of the Sigma Nu national organization in 1869.  The longest continuously running chapter of a fraternity at Knox (as Beta was inactive for a number of years), Delta Theta is also the oldest continuously running chapter of Sigma Nu in the world.
== Reputation ==
Loved by some, tolerated by others. Hated by many.
Known to throw great parties, and instigate great heckling, adorable hijinks, and fantastic group dances.
Always expect greatness.  You will receive it.
Safety first: Sigma Nu has a very poor history with sexual assault, especially in the past two years..
== Chapter House ==
[[Image:Eldiabloverde.jpg|thumb|El Diablo Verde]]
The Sigma Nu chapter house (or ''''SNouse'''') is located at 556 S. West Street across from the [[Quad]] loading dock.  It is the smallest chapter house of any fraternity at Knox by square footage, and shares the lowest housing capacity with [[Sigma Chi]].
A notable feature of the chapter house is its unique and somewhat impromptu [[Hookah Room]], also called the Sun Room or Flag Room. Resting precariously above the front deck, the Hookah Room is the house's most famous feature, consisting of a small room filled with couches, giant bean-bags, and cushions. Red and blue lights are also in there, but they don't always work. Flags from the countries of its international students decorate the walls, and provide a much better view than the back end of the Quads. It was the lair of the giant, double-bowled, four-hosed [[Snookah]], ''''El Diablo Verde.'''', until a horrible milk-related accident over the summer of 2009. But we're not gross anymore, I promise!
Now by the luck of the gods and the kindness of alumni (one in particular), Sigma Nu is graced with another 4 hose [[Snookah]], Justly named "The Basestar" from the chapter's massive indulgence in ''Battlestar Galactica''. It is in a positioned in a fantastic moving table, made by [[ADAM KENT]].
The Sigma Nu house may be scrappy, but the brothers have put a lot of work into it (no, really, they're working on it all the time). It's full of pleasant surprises, and is considered by many to be the most unique of the fraternity houses. Some views of the house are presented on this page.
[[Image:Drlasersrevenge.JPG|thumb|Dr. Laser's Revenge]]
[[Image:snuhallway.jpg|thumb|Delightfully painted hallway]]
[[Image:wespaint.jpg|thumb|Tastefully positioned paintings]]
[[Image:Westcut.JPG|thumb|Requires no explanation]]
===Special Rooms in the House===
The [[Based Room]] (or if you prefer, the Orange Room)
The [[Terrordome]]
The [[Chamba Chamber]]
[[Doctor Lazer's Office]]
The [[Rude Room]]
The [[Pink Room]], or the Womb
The [[Flag Room]], [[Hookah Room]], or [[Sun Room]], whichever you prefer.
The [[Lounge]]
''[[Sigma Old|(see also: Sigma Old)]]''
* [[History of Sigma Nu Houses]]
== Leadership ==
Faculty Advisor: [[Jaime Spacco]] (2013-present)
Eminent Commander: [[Clint Davis]]
Lt. Commander: [[Carl Waldhart]]
Treasurer: [[Ben Lyon]]
Recorder: [[Ian Moody]]
Social Chair: [[John Bird]]
Eminent Commander: [[Andrew Cook]]
Lt. Commander: [[Robert Turski]]
Treasurer: [[Michael Moroney]]
Recorder: [[Aidan Juhl]]
Social Chair: [[Jack Axley]]
Eminent Commander: [[Chris Holland]]
Lt. Commander: [[Andrew Cook]]
Treasurer: [[Michael Moroney]]
Recorder: [[John Ebbers]]
Social Chair: [[Peter White]]
Eminent Commander: [[Michael Kolbeck]]
Lt. Commander: [[Harrison Graham]]
Treasurer: [[Stefan Feer]]
Recorder: [[Tim Peebles]]
Social Chair: [[Jamie Ruml]]
Eminent Commander: [[Joe Olvera]]
Lt. Commander: [[Wesley Gunther]]
Treasurer: [[Chris Holland]]
Recorder: Andrew Polk
Social Chair: [[Muneer Rizvydeen]]
Eminent Commander: [[Christopher Overton]]
Lt. Commander: [[Lyall Wallerstedt]]
Treasurer: [[Joe Olvera]]
Recorder: [[Sean Frohling]]
Social Chair: [[Rohel Terrazas]]
=== 2008-09 ===
Eminent Commander: [[Matt Hundley]]
Lt. Commander: [[Rohel Terrazas]]
Treasurer: [[Reed Wang]]
Recorder: [[Christopher Overton]]
Social Chair: [[Lyall Wallerstedt]]
=== 2007-08 ===
Eminent Commander: Alex Kemmsies
Lt. Commander: [[Doug Davison]]
Treasurer: [[Matt Hundley]]
Recorder: [[David Nolan]]
Social Chair: [[Brian C Zhang]]
=== 2006-07 ===
Eminent Commander: [[Eric Langston]]
Lt. Commander: [[Sean McKittrick]]
Treasurer: [[Andrew Kama]]
Recorder: [[Andy Sheehan]]
* [[List of Current and Former Sigma Nus]]
== Parties ==
While Sigma Nu is an important part of members' social lives, Sigma Nus don't tend to rely as much on the fraternity for their social activities, and have more friends outside of Sigma Nu. As a result, there are typically fewer "unofficial" parties at Sigma Nu.
At all-campus parties there is often dancing, but the dance floor is seldom packed for the entire party, save for Tunak at midnight - at which point, prepared to get uncomfortably sweaty. The glasses of a Sigma Nu have been known to have accidentally been broken during many a Tunak. Exceptions occur--the 80s dance party of [[2005-06]] and the "James Bond Party" on April 20, 2007 are prime examples of this.
Parties throughout the year include "[[Sunrise]]" and "[[Sunset]]" at the beginning and end of the year respectively (formerly "Tequila Sunrise" and "-Sunset"), "[[Sigma boo|Sigma Boo]]", a Halloween party, a Valentine's Day party, and many others. Themes in recent years have included "No Sex," "Party With A Heart On," "[[Silly Hats]]," "Snowpocalypse," "Soviet Snunion," "Frat Party," "Teresa Amott Installation After-Party," "Sigma, Like, Whatever," "Post-Meta Party,", [[Government Shutdown Party]], [[
"10PM-2AM No Alcohol Knox ID Required Music and Dancing Party featuring Music and Dancing." During the Government Shutdown of Fall 2013, Sigma Nu threw the [[Government Shutdown Party]] with alarming success. Sadly, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid ultimately decided not to accept their invitations.
SNU parties also have two floors open to to campus with a dance floor on the first floor and second floor with both the Hookah Room and Bar Room open to guests. There are always snacks (including the necessary poundcake and off-brand chips), WATER, soda, and/or candy.
Sigma Nu wants to make sure that people feel comfortable at their parties. Communication is key - if something's up, get ahold of someone you identify as a SNu! Jerks will be banished from the party. Being a meanie is not tolerated.
Snu parties are the best parties.
Snu parties are the safest parties.
==[[Shenanigans]] (Snuanigans)==
=== Tunak ===
[[Image:TunakFlunkDay2007.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Sigma Nu and friends do the Tunak Dance on Flunk Day 2007]]
At some point during a Snu party, now typically at midnight, all members will come to the dance floor to do a ridiculous dance to the equally ridiculous song, "Tunak Tunak Tun," by Daler Mehndi.  Thanks go out to Brother Akshat Agarwal for introducing to the chapter another means of making completed arses out of ourselves.  Though many have attempted to translate the text, we still don't know what we're dancing to...or even why.
On [[Flunk Day]] Sigma Nus do the "Tunak" dance in the middle of West Street in front of their house.  However on [[Flunk Day 2007]], a fire truck was in the way, so the SNus and their friends did the Tunak dance for the firemen.
On [[Flunk Day 2010]] the Sigma Nus (and assorted guests) attempted their typical Tunak in the street, however, six or more Campus Safety officers approached, so the ritual was moved to the front lawn.  [[John Perleberg]] gracefully handled the "situation" and the party continued.
On [[Flunk Day 2010]] the Sigma Nus attained roughly 4-5 (that they admit to) campus safety reports, making it truly one epic Flunk Day!!!
On [[Flunk Day 2013]] SNu succeeded in dancing "Tunak" three full times on South West Street, at various times in the day, without earning a Campus Safety report (at least not for Tunaking). Campus Safety Director [[John Schlaf]] referred to the third dance as "almost impressive" and gently reminded SNu not to do that anymore.
In spring 2014, the first ever "sitting Tunak" was performed in the [[Sun Room]]. Like other Tunak dances, it was pretty silly.
Due to a combination of unseasonably hot weather and the achievement of maximum dance floor capacity, the Tunak of SUNRISE 2014 went down in history as the wettest Tunak ever undertaken.
Tunak has since been exported to a number of other locations on campus, usually when 3 or more SNu's get together in one place; music is not required. On rare occasions, Tunak also reaches locations beyond the Knox College campus.
Sometime during 2013-2014 school year, Tunak came full circle (so to speak), as Brother Joe Seidman performed a Tunak with several locals during his internship in India. He received many compliments on his Tunaking skills.
During winter break 2014, a vacationing Carly Taylor, girlfriend of Brother [[Robert Turski]], met with [[Emily Passarelli]], girlfriend of Brother [[Jack Axley]], several other members of Marine Bio's 2014 research trip, and some random strangers to perform the first documented Belizean Tunak. It was dubbed "unofficially official" by Brother [[Matt Sugai]], who really wished he could have been there.
===Sigma Nu: The Band===
Sigma Nu performed Tenacious D's "Explosivo" at the [[Greek Week No-Talent Show]] in 2007. The band included [[Mike Hahn]] on acoustic guitar,  [[Alex Enyart]] on electric, [[Rohel Terrazas]] on bass, and [[David Nolan]] playing a [[Guitar Hero]] controller.
There was a revival of the Sigma Nu band during the 2011 [[Greek Week No-Talent Show]], when [[Cody Ward]] melted the Greek system's face with a blistering Jazz Sax solo.
===Orc Basement===
Originally named shotgun basement, this tradition typically takes place sometime around midnight when at least three of the original six members ([[Jack Axley]], [[Scott Suiter]], [[Bruce Kovanen]], [[John Bird]], [[Aidan Juhl]], and [[Kyle Kunkler]]) of the first orc basement agreeing to participate. Nobody is exactly sure why this became a tradition, but it did and it is glorious. Typically seen at 21st birthday celebrations and closed door functions, it involves a lot of cheap beer, many sets of keys, Black Flag's "TV Party" being blasted at full volume from the loudest device in the room, and possibly a change of shirt after.
The largest Orc Basement celebration to date was during John Bird's 21st birthday weekend spectacular, where at least 20 people viewed and/or participated. It featured Bruce Kovanen admitting that he has no memory of the first orc basement and at least two people remarking that Black Flag had forever become associated with the house and this experience.
The first Uruk-Hai Basement, a ritual in which the walls become soaked in Mountain Dew, was held at 1:00 am on February 28, 2015 in celebration of [[Matt Sugai]]'s 21st birthday. The naming convention is described thus: "Why Uruk-Hai? Because 'straight edge means I'm better than you', right? And what are the Uruk-hai compared to orcs...?" At the conclusion of this new tradition, Brother Sugai paid tribute to one of his idols Stone Cold Steve Austin, by flipping everybody off and simultaneously chugging two cans of Mountain Dew.
== Inter-fraternity Beef ==
Sigma Nu doesn't have any beef or rivalry with any of the other fraternities.  This is due to the fact that SNus are generally a pretty innocuous group of nice guys that don't start shit. SNu's only hit the Start button.
[[Sigma Wars]] are an event that oft transpires between the Glorious Sigma Nu's and the not as glorious [[Sigma Chi]]'s. Hijinks, pranks, shenanigans, and finally a bitchin' dual party between Sigma Nu and [[Sigma Chi]] (that we swear will happen eventually).
== Outside Resources ==
* [http://www.deltathetatimes.org The Official Website of the Delta Theta (Knox) Chapter of Sigma Nu]
* [http://www.sigmanu.org The Official Website of the Sigma Nu Fraternity]
* [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnPorliRVns Tunak Tunak Tun on You Tube]
* [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sigma_nu The Sigma Nu page on Wikipedia]
*[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=im-kNZu7CoM Sigma Nu Until I Die]
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