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The Wiki Fire is the bible.

The Wiki Fire is a lot of fun, and has a factual percentage equal to that of wikipedia.

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The Wiki Fire should always be a positive experience. It should be real, but not hurtful. Here are some policies and guidelines to read and contribute to:

  • Wiki Fire Code of Ethics - how should we as contributers to this site behave ourselves? What "codes" should be edit by in order to best serve our community? You can post your thoughts on this page, as the central discussion about Wiki Fire conduct.
  • Policy on people - It is very important that the editors and contributors to this site respect our fellow community members. This page has some guidelines to Wiki Fire by when you are going to be talking about other people.
  • Libel law - We must be aware of libel law for two reasons. 1: The future of the site depends on the absence of libelous content, and 2: Those laws were created for a reason. They protect the us and our neighbors from embarrassment and harm.
  • Privacy policy - What the site will do to protect your privacy as a user.
  • General disclaimer - This is not a Knox College-sanctioned or supported Web site.
  • Copyrights - Copyright and Creative Commons license information.