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The Wiki Fire is the free uncensored encyclopedia of Knox College.

Wiki Fire policies

code of ethics
on people
libel law


No Knox College affiliation

It is not affiliated with the college and is not the official Knox College Web site. This site is an unofficial, uncensored, not-for-profit venture to create a free index of information about Knox College life written by and for those who currently are or ever have been part of it.


This site was created with love for the Prairie Fire, or Old Siwash or whatever it should be called during spring term 2007. The original funds of $120 to cover the cost of Web hosting through Dreamhost were provided by a Richter grant received by Tom Fucoloro. The site will operate on an annual $120 in donations.

Site Support

Tom Fucoloro received all funds for this site through a Richter Grant, but anyone interested in establishing The Wiki Fire as a not-for-profit entity should e-mail the editor.

No official review

It is not the responsibility of either Tom Fucoloro or any other member of The Wiki Fire to oversee edits made to this site. All edits are considered published by their individual editors and are not the responsibility of The Wiki Fire or it's site managers.

No censorship

The site managers do not censor content on The Wiki Fire. The appropriateness of the content is left to the discretion of the community, and unrelated offensive or overly-explicit content will not likely last long before it is deleted by another contributor. However, explicit content with a meaningful purpose will likely be defended by the community.


The maintenance of this site's content is governed by the concept of consensus, and is very much influenced by Wikipedia's definition of the term.

Basically, by giving every reader the opportunity to change the content of the site, a page's content can be considered the consensus of every person who has read the page since the last edit was made. If you have a problem with something written in a Wiki Fire article, you can and should change the article yourself or start a conversation on the discussion page. Wikipedia used the phrase "Silence equals consent", meaning that a consensus is reached if an edit is made and nobody makes an edit or comments.


If there is a dispute, the issue should be handled on the discussion page of the particular article. Through intelligent input from various users across the site, a responsible decision will be made that can be considered consensus on the issue.


The Wiki Fire should always be a positive experience. It should be real, but not hurtful. Here are some policies and guidelines to read and contribute to:

  • Wiki Fire Code of Ethics - how should we as contributers to this site behave ourselves? What "codes" should be edit by in order to best serve our community? You can post your thoughts on this page, as the central discussion about Wiki Fire conduct.
  • Policy on people - It is very important that the editors and contributors to this site respect our fellow community members. This page has some guidelines to Wiki Fire by when you are going to be talking about other people.
  • Libel law - We must be aware of libel law for two reasons. 1: The future of the site depends on the absence of libelous content, and 2: Those laws were created for a reason. They protect the us and our neighbors from embarrassment and harm.
  • Privacy policy - What the site will do to protect your privacy as a user.
  • General disclaimer - This is not a Knox College-sanctioned or supported Web site.
  • Copyrights - Copyright and Creative Commons license information.