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Creative Commons

Contributions to The Wiki Fire are considered released under the Attribution 3.0 Creative Commons license[1]

How do I know if something is fair-use or public domain?

If the source of the work (text, images) does not explicitly say it is fair use or in the public domain, then it is safe to assume it is not. The work does not have to be marked as copyrighted in order to be so.

What you cannot use

  • Work from the Knox Web site. You are more than welcome to link to that material, but the material is owned by the College.
  • Photos from Faces or the Knox online directory.
  • Photos from facebook. You can use these images if you get the permission of the photographer, not necessarily the person who posted them.
  • Photos from Google image search. If you go to the original site and find the work marked as fair-use or public domain, then you may use it. However, most Google image search results are not marked in this way.

Where can I find fair-use or public domain images?

There are several places on the Web where you can find images that users have released under fair-use licenses.

  • Flickr: Advanced Photo Search - In the advanced search on Flickr, you can choose to search only for photos with Creative Commons licenses. Be sure to read the license of each work to check for restrictions.
  • Wikimedia Commons - You can search through a lot of fair-use and public domain content here. Be sure to read the details of the license, however. Some media has restrictions.


  1. Creative Commons Deed - Description of the Attribution 3.0 Creative Commons license.