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Thank you for visiting The Wiki Fire. If you are new to this site, this page can help you get started.

what now?[edit]

Use the search bar to the left to find an article. If that article does not exist, it will ask you if you would like to create it. Do it!


Create a user account by using the link in the upper-right corner of this page. You may edit pages whether you have a user name or not.

easy to use[edit]

For a tutorial on how to link to other pages in The Wiki Fire (and other wikis), link to outside pages, start new sections and tons of other tricks, check out this tutorial or print out the following one-page Wiki reference card (PDF format).

Also, please add to the Help page as you find new solutions.

code of ethics[edit]

The gentle balance of existence and utility of this site rests on its community following the guidelines of libel law. If you see a libelous statement on any page, please edit it. If we are all looking out for the good of the site, the site will be forced to be great.

Other than that, the Wiki Fire Code of Ethics is open to editing, just like the rest of this site. Please add your thoughts.

Wiki Fire policies

code of ethics
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